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Daniel Levy reveals Tottenham hold buy-back clause for Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has revealed he secured a buy-back clause as part of Harry Kane’s sale to Bayern Munich this summer.

Kane joined the German champions in a deal worth close to £100m, ending his 19-year association with Spurs in the process.

Spurs fans may not have seen the last of Kane, however, as Levy has now revealed his club have a clause allowing them to re-sign the striker in the future.

«There is a buy-back clause,» Levy told a fans’ forum on Tuesday.

Levy provided no details about the clause, such as the value or when it will become active.

Kane will make his first Champions League appearance for Bayern on Wednesday against Manchester United, before which he insisted he will never stop rooting for his former employers.

«I’m always keeping an eye on them and I’ll keep an eye on Tottenham for the rest of my life,» Kane said.

«I’m really happy to see the team playing the way they are and to see the fans happy is a great thing. They’ve got a massive game coming up [Arsenal on Sunday] so, for sure, I’ll see how they get on over the course of the season.»

Kane attracted some frustration from Spurs fans earlier this month when he claimed failing to win games «never felt like a disaster» as he compared life at the two clubs.